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Welcome to Worcester, Massachusetts, the heart of the Commonwealth!

Great cities share common traits - undeniable energy and a vibrant culture that drives growth and epitomizes livability. A center of commerce, industry, and education, Worcester has redefined its identity and refashioned its urban form to accommodate the needs of a dynamic economy. Today, those changes are bearing fruit as Worcester is the focus of an incredible amount of public and private investment - conservatively more than $2.2 billion. Worcester’s success is attributable to its low cost housing, high quality of life, an increasing knowledge-based economy and geographic accessibility. As a dynamic community, Worcester is not only a smart city, but a smart choice.

New days are dawning... everyday in Worcester!

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Worcester Arts Council 2015 Grant Opportunity

Are you interested in applying for a Worcester Arts Council grant this year? Important dates and deadlines are posted here:

WAC Grants 2015

Culture LEAP

This spring, Worcester Public School students in grades 1--12 will participate in a variety of cultural experiences intricately linked to the subjects that they are studying.  This is part of an unprecedented effort to introduce students to the city’s rich cultural institutions and the history of the community in which they live in a comprehensive and unique way.

The initiative, known as Culture LEAP (Learning through Education and Arts Partnerships), seeks to offer intensive curriculum based cultural experiences to all students in a given grade.  While this program has been in existence for many years it has been given new life under the auspices of a collaboration between the Worcester Public Schools, a working group of the Worcester Cultural Coalition composed of twenty-two education directors from the region’s cultural organizations, and the Worcester Education Development Foundation, Inc. (WEDF).  Culture Leap will provide students with unique learning experiences that begin with pre-visit classroom instruction, a field trip to the cultural organization and follow up in the classroom after the visit.

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The annual report summarizes city-wide economic development activities during 2014 highlighting current projects and initiatives, business development, residential development, cultural development and more. Read the full report by clicking on the PDF link below.


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