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Event Planning & Film Production

Worcester is a City that celebrates special events and media.  

Special Events

From meetings and conventions, to sporting events, to festivals and parades, the City of Worcester is proud to support and host a variety of special events that contribute to the spirit and vitality of our City.  Worcester offers many unique public and private venues to accommodate all kinds of events. For assistance in booking space for your next event contact Destination Worcester.

For information specific to the municipal permit process and event coordination, please contact 508-799-1175 or e-mail specialevents@worcesterma.gov for further assistance.  We hope you find our process convenient and helpful. We pledge to work with you every step of the way to ensure that your event is a success.

Film and Media

Worcester understands how important the creative industries are to the revitalization of cities. That is why we are actively support the creation of new media and film in Worcester-- the creative city! The cultural development office is happy to provide you with assistance in the following areas:

  • Site location identification - we offer red carpet tours to production staff , assisting you in identifying unique locations whether you are seeking edgy urban, lakeside views, historic neighborhoods, or pastoral rural. Worcester offers one of the few currently vacant courthouses in the nation. Perfect for institutional and judicial settings. Additionally we have more than ten colleges and universities which offer unique settings. Worcester has it all!
  • Need a permit? We will walk you through the process to apply for street closures, police detail , and any other necessary permitting
  • Pre and post production referrals for technical support and personnel
  • Referrals to the hospitality industry
  • Technical assistance in seeking talent
  • Contacts with the cultural, educational, hospitality and private sector industries.
  • Stay tuned: A photo library will go on line in spring 2014. In the meantime contact us for specific site descriptions and we can send you photos.


  • Massachusetts Film Office Among many other services, the MFO assists filmmakers with location scouting, tax credit information, crew referrals, housing, permitting, government relations, and union issues.

Street Banners

The City of Worcester owns thousands of light poles throughout the downtown and along primary commercial corridors.  The Worcester Banner Program complements the City’s Wayfinding Initiative and public art policies and builds on the vast diversity of destinations and attractions within the city.  Not-for-profit organizations and institutions may apply to the City of Worcester for approval of a banner or banner system for the vicinity of the organization/institution or associated event, as long as it is within a commercial or institutional district. 

Requests to participate in the City of Worcester’s Banner Program must be submitted electronically to streetbanners@worcesterma.gov and should be made at least 45 days prior to anticipated installation of the banners.  For more information and application, please see attached Banner Program Guidelines.

Contact Person

Erin Williams, Cultural Development Director, 508-799-1400, x265 williamse@worcesterma.gov