City of Worcester, Massachusetts

South Worcester Industrial Park (SWIP)

City-Owned Properties within SWIP

49 Canterbury St
25 Southgate St
17 Southgate Pl
65 Armory St
26 Southgate Pl

The South Worcester Industrial Park (SWIP) is an 11-acre brownfield site. The City currently owns approximately 8 acres within the redevelopment area.  Past uses at the site include foundry, cast metal manufacturing, textile machinery manufacturing, and auto salvage, which contributed to the environmental contamination at the site. The SWIP project consists of infrastructure improvements, demolition, and environmental remediation to create pad-ready parcels for light manufacturing, industrial, and commercial use. Located one-half of a mile from the Port of Worcester, SWIP has excellent access to freight rail, interstate highways (I-290, I-90, Rt. 146), and Downtown Worcester.

The goals for the SWIP project are to create new development sites, eliminate blight, promote sustainable development, create employment opportunities and business growth, and increase tax revenue. Upon the completion of the final pre-development activities, up to six new development parcels will be available for disposition and development, which could generate approximately 180,000 square feet of new industrial and commercial space.

Involved Parties/Interest Groups

South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Corporation and the South Worcester Industrial Park Task Force

Major Timelines/Benchmarks

Demolition and Road Construction: The infrastructure improvements and demolition of the buildings located at 65 Armory Street, 17 Southgate Street, and 25 Southgate Street have been completed. 

Environmental Remediation: The Division of Business Assistance procured Tighe & Bond to complete environmental site assessments and surveys of remaining structures within SWIP. This work is being funded by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through its Brownfields Assessment, Revolving Loan, and Cleanup Program and MassDevelopment.   The majority of the environmental investigations, remediation work, and necessary demolition, have been completed.  This remaining environmental remediation work is anticipated to be complete by the end of the Summer 2013. 

Property Disposition:  The City-owned parcels will be advertised for purchase and development in 2014.

Contact Person

Paul D. Morano, Jr., Director of Business Assistance, 508-799-1400, x264,