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Public Art Plan

In the spring of 2012, the Executive Office of Economic Development launched an effort to evaluate the prevalence of public art throughout the City of Worcester. A survey regarding public art was distributed throughout the community and the results will be used to complement efforts already underway to identify, map, and catalog public art on display in Worcester.

Survey respondents were invited to make suggestions about where they would like to see public art and the type of art that they believe would be most suitable to the character of a suggested area. Types of public art include installations, murals, memorials/monuments, and sculptures.   In addition, the public art plan will include recommendations of possible locations for new art, which can include open spaces, new development, city gateways, bridges, squares, and public buildings.

Click here for additional information about the City's Public Art Plan.

Contact person

 Amanda Gregoire, 508-799-1400 x 257, GregoireA@worcesterma.gov