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City Initiatives

The Executive Office of Economic Development's goal is to create an environment within Worcester conducive to both business and residential activity, in turn attracting and leveraging additional private investment. Its Economic Development Division works to highlight and build on the City's many strengths as a means of promoting its future.

The priorities of the Executive Office of Economic Development include:

  • building the vitality of the downtown core through the creation of new residential, business, retail, cultural and entertainment opportunities
  • strengthening neighborhood centers with new residential and retail alternatives
  • improving connections between and among the city's many economic generators
  • marketing Worcester's assets to the region and beyond.

Office activities to support these priorities include:

  • the promotion of local enterprises through financial and location assistance,
  • outreach to key property owners to encourage and support revitalizing opportunities for land redevelopment,
  • identification and recruitment of new businesses to complement Worcester's diverse economy,
  • attraction of new residents and visitors through the promotion of cultural offerings and activities, and
  • engagement in planning initiatives to create new places for Worcester's growth and expansion.

Here you will find information about key City initiatives developed to achieve those goals.

See Overview of Worcester below, highlighting some of the initiatives and priorities of the Executive Office of Economic Development.

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