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March 3 - May 3, 2013

The spring 2013 exhibition of the Worcester Windows Community Gallery will feature a solo exhibition of works by Jesse Connor as well as Worcester Alliance of Photographers exhibition entitled Landscapes and... at the Gallery at City Hall, 455 Main Street, Worcester.

Jesse Connor: Amend

Jesse Connor's images explore the relationship between the form and function of industrial and domestic spaces and artifacts.

Connor works in printmaking, painting, and drawing. He has experimented with combining these elements to create surfaces and images on both small and very large-scale work

Recently he has worked to redefine the process of revision by inviting fellow artists to collaborate on shared work.

Artist bio - Jesse Connor holds an MFA from the University of Michigan and a BFA from the University of Massachusetts. He has taught painting and printmaking and drawing at several New England University's including UMASS and Bennington College. He is the recipient of several awards that include the Blanche E. Coleman award and the Beverly Horlick award.

Connor has exhibited abroad in Cameroon,West Africa, and Berlin, Germany. He has also shown in Key West, Florida, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and across the northeast. He holds a BFA, University of Massachusetts; and an MFA, University of Michigan.

Landscapes and...

Many landscape photographs are featuring subjects such as strongly defined landforms, weather, and ambient light. As with most forms of art, the definition of a landscape photograph is broad, and includes urban settings, industrial areas, and nature photography. Waterfalls, coastlines, seascapes and mountains are especially popular in classic landscape photography. But in fact most places and things can be photographed as a landscape, a kitchen, a lamp, a wall, or even the human body. Contemporary landscape photography has made a notable shift from being about nature and the environment towards being more about the direct relationship between man and nature and where they come together. 

The Worcester Alliance of Photographers offers these images for your viewing pleasure and it is all open to your interpretation. Participating photographers include: Bob Bernier, C.L. Padden, Dana Lane, David Snay, Deb Faucher, Dick Tranfaglia, Don Riclin, Howard Kong, Jim Wojdylak, Jurgen Lobert, Mike Greenslit, Pam Pollan, Paul Goodwin, Rebecca Weiner, Russ Garre, Scott Erskine, Sharon Freed, Sheila McDowell, Sherri Haber and Troy Thompson.