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December 1, 2013- February 28, 2014

Celebrating the Creative City

For its Winter 2013/2014 exhibition, the Worcester Windows Community Gallery Program presents an exhibition which celebrates the Creative City. From bustling bright lights to quirky quiet corners, from overseas to right around the corner, what says creative city to you?

Worcester Alliance of Photographers

City Hall Gallery, 455 Main Street

About the Artist:

The Worcester Alliance of Photographers is a place where both amateur and professional photographers meet to talk about technical aspects of photography, be create and share ideas. The WAP meets the last Thursday of every month. Additional details available online.

Participating photographers and their works for the Creative City exhibition include: Russ Garre, OxfordLe Recrutement Cafe Paris France and Creative City; John Bielawski, Florence, Krakow 20100915 52 A and Maggiore 20100608 142; Bob Bernier, Elm Street and Palladium; Heather Liolios, Blue Stars and City Sidewalk; Tyler Trahan, Creative-city; Dennis Ditto, TMI; Don Ricklin, Harrington Corner, Church Detail and Creating a Future; Pam Pollen, Ice Water; Jurgen Lobert, Creative.City.1Creative.City.2 and Creative.City.3; Scott Erskine, Embracing Light, Reflectioned Umbrellas, and Sunset, clouds, shapes; Sherrie Haber, Creative City Hand Painting and Creative City Face; and Te Chen City of Peace

Susan Page

Bay State Savings Bank, 32-36 Franklin Street

Photographic works - Goldenrod (pictured here), Autumn Tapestry, Mystic Trees I, Mystic Trees II and Autumn Wetlands

Artist Statement: The abstract impressionist style of these images are caused by momentary changes in light, wind and weather. I do not have to rely on Photoshop to create special effects, because nature does most of the work for me. I just pay attention to what is there.

About the Artist: An intense curiosity and love of nature drives me to explore and open to new ways of seeing. My adventures in “shooting water” began at the Cisco Campus in Boxborough about 8 years ago and since then I have shot thousands of water reflection abstracts.  The Mystic Trees series was inspired by the same process of opening to the momentary changes caused by light, seasons, and weather, underscoring the fleeting nature of all experience.

I hold a B.A. in Fine Arts from Wheaton College and studied (film) photography with Paul Dumonoski at the Worcester Center for Crafts.

As a member of a Fine Art Photography Club in Concord, MA for 11 years, and of the Worcester Photography Alliance for 3 years, my eye has continued to ripen and my enthusiasm for photography is still growing.

Click here to see additional works by Susan Page.


Bethany Strothers

The Hanover Theatre, 2 Southbridge Street

About the Artist:

Bethany Strothers will be showing work from her water series paintings. In this body of work, Strother's style moves between realism and abstract as she embraces the subject of water, intrigued by its transcendental nature. With special attention to focus and rhythmic patterns, what we commonly experience in our every day lives is transformed into something extraordinary.

Worcester Windows is a community gallery program which uses storefronts throughout downtown Worcester as exhibit space to enhance the City's downtown and to provide display opportunities for local emerging and established artists. Originally intended simply as a means to provide exhibit opportunities, Worcester Windows has grown dramatically, successfully raising the awareness of Worcester as a Creative City by not only bringing artwork to the public and showcasing local talent, but in also establishing itself as a true community gallery through which many of the exhibiting artists have sold works.