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April 2011 - July 2011

Worcester Windows is pleased to present its Spring 2011 Exhibition, Dreaming in Color, to run April 4 - July 31, 2011. During the depths of a long New England winter, we begin to yearn for color. Blacks, grays and whites dominate the dreary winter season, and now is the time to anticipate the coming colors of spring and summer. Dreaming in Color exhibits work from area artists who wish to celebrate this return to color.

This exhibition was coordinated by Worcester State Gallery, Bethany Strothers curator.

A sampling of some of the works available for view offered below. The Spring 2011 Worcester Windows exhibit features the following artists and organizations:

  • 455 Main Street, Worcester City Hall: featuring works of digital photography by Judith A. Warren










  •  20 Franklin Street: featuring oil landscapes by ARTSWorcester artist Joy O'Connor


  • 317 Main Street, Worcester Regional Transit Authority: featuring the work of artists Bayda Asbridge "Fluff", and Elizabeth Swallow "Blossom"





  • 370 Main Street: featuring abstract acrylic paintings by artist Todd Rawley


  • 24 Southbridge Street, Department of Developmental Services:featuring the works of artists Gail Hormats "After Klimpt", Jasper Muse "Turistas", Sue Champeny "White Oak Leaving Four", and Sampson Wilcox "Ciudad y Pie"



  • 32-36 Franklin Street, Bay State Savings Bank:  featuring the works of artists Charlie Lemay "Fear of Flight"; Anita Loomis "Climb if you Can't Fly"; Carrie Nixon "Balloon Man"; Doris O'Keefe "Whirly-Gig"; Laura Shafovaloff "Ognquit Sunrise"; Bethany Strothers "Echoes"; Richard Tranfaglia "Union Station Night 2"; and Peter Wise "Homesick Helen: Troy Story" and "Poetick" 


  • 332 Main Street: featuring the works of artists Kathy Hebert "Moore State Park #2" and Lisa Maillet "Coming In" and "Transparent"





  • 529 Main Street, Theatre Cafe: featuring the work of artist Michael Mooney "Colour of Music IV", "Colour of Music VI", and "Where Do Dreams Come From? I"
  • 2 Southbridge Street, Hanover Theatre: featuring the works of artist Alicia Adams Hunsicker "Divination", "Duality" and "Waterfall"
  • 657 Main Street featuring the works of artists Philip Marshall "Two x Four Dreaming", Heather Adels "Seven Colors", and Barbara Kahn "Wayside", "Turn Back the Time", "Along the Banks", and "Peaceful Coves"


  • 44 Front Street, Chase Building:featuring the works of artists Erin Buckley "Asystole", Nicholas Charette "Building Our Relationship" and "Caution: Explosive Ideas"; Alexandra DeRosa "Untitled"; Kayla Feist "Deer Woman"; Tiffany Hatstat "Untitled"; and Aida Rodriguez "The Journeyman's Table"




  • 315 Main Street, Worcester Credit Union:featuring the work of artist Audrey Rossow "Stillwater, MN"


  • 389 Main Street:featuring the works of artists Colin Peacock "Sunfish" and Rebecca Skinner "Calla Lily" and "Pink #4"




  • 386 Main Street, Commerce Bank:featuring the works of artists Kat O'Connor "Fox Creek Marsh", "Morning Mist, Lake Sherman", "3"; Bethany Strothers "Plumeria" and Karen Finnegan "Marsh View I" and "Marsh View II".




  • 335 Chandler Street, Nu Cafe: featuring the works of artists Tessa Demers "Bringing Spring"; Joan Gage "Young and Old in Benares India"; and Stone Riley "Awakening In A Dream"

Download a walking map of the spring 2011 exhibition below.