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About the WOO

All About the WOO

The WOO Card program was designed by the Worcester Cultural Coalition to open the door to Worcester County's vibrant cultural community. Launched initially in 2007 as a means of enhancing the cultural experience for the City's 35,000 college students, WOO Card expanded in the Fall of 2009 to incorporate a public card program. In 2010 the WOO Card program expanded again to incorporate for-profit, culturally minded business partners.

Subscribers receive discounts and special offers at participating WOO venues and earn WOO points each time a WOO Card is used. Points accumulate to earn WOO prizes.

College WOO Cards are currently available for free for all Worcester-area college students.

Public WOO Cards are available to the general public for purchase for $20 either online; at the Box Office of both The Hanover Theatre and the DCU Center; weekdays from the office of the Worcester Cultural Coalition at City Hall, 455 Main Street, Room 402; or at a variety of special events.

WOO Cards do not expire. Cards must be registered to receive discounts and to acquire WOO points.

There is a $10 replacement fee for lost WOO Cards.

All WOO Card subscribership fees nonrefundable.

Upon registering a WOO Card, card holders begin receiving periodic email notifications about upcoming WOO events and special discounts. Each time a WOO Card is used, the user earns WOO points which accumulate to make the user eligible for monthly prize drawings. Check out a current listing of WOO Deals & Discounts. 

Become a WOO Venue

More than seventy area cultural institutions, restaurants, hotels and retailers presently participate in the WOO Card program, offering card holders a variety of discounts and special offers. Participating venues have the opportunity for maximum promotion for all WOO events and allows tracking of card users via the swiper system. Contact Elizabeth Giangrande at GiangrandeE@worcesterma.gov  for details about becoming a WOO Card venue. Membership fee applies, all fees nonrefundable. 

WOO Fundraiser

Support local cultural venues and businesses throughout Worcester County while raising money for your school or community organization! WOO Cards retail for $20 - for each WOO Card your orgnization sells, you will receive $5 back! Contact Ellen Ganley for further details or download form below.